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Hangzhou Star Lighting Corp., Ltd.

LED filament bulb manufacturer

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    No. 28, Yangshan Road, Gaohong Town, Linan, Zhejiang, China
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Company Profile
Hesunny (Hangzhou Star Lighting Corp., Ltd.) is dedicated to establishing an ecosystem for the LED filament lighting industry. Started as as a CFL bulb manufacturer in 2003, Hesunny upgraded its product lines to embrace lighting innovations stimulated by the breathtaking LED lighting technology. By integrating the engineering expertise and technology heritage in OEM manufacturing of light bulbs, Hesunny's latest flagship lighting solutions, LED filament bulbs, echo the most recent evolution in solid state lighting and bring to the market a perfect blend of traditional and cutting-edge technology. In December 2015 Hesunny became a listed company in NEEQ (National Equities Exchange and Quotations) to take full advantage of China's over-the-counter (OTC) equity market for financing its continued investment in R&D and manufacturing infrastructure.

Located in Gaohong, a Hangzhou-administered town known to be the manufacturing base for a large number of CFL and LED bulb manufacturers, Hesunny is advantageously located to offer professional OEM services by leveraging its ever-expanding in-house capabilities and local talents, technology and subcontractors resources. Hesunny operates a 20,000 square meter integrated facilities that include LED chip packaging, SMT production, light bulb assembly, and integrated testing capabilities. The company hires over 600 people that work in its three production departments for manufacturing CFL bulbs, LED packages, and LED lights. The CFL bulb production facility has been retained to accommodate the legacy market needs. Its LED packaging facility manufactures 3528, 5050, 3014 and 2835 SMD LEDs as well as LED filaments. Hesunny's LED lighting business unit specializes in production of LED filament bulbs, SMD LED bulbs, LED panel lights, LED ceiling lights and LED high bay lights.

Compared with many LED lighting manufacturers that carry an extensive range of products, Hesunny's current product portfolio is more focused. Hesunny continues to slim down its product portfolio to consolidate its competitive edge in LED filament bulbs. The company's unwavering commitment to building its leadership in this niche is evidenced in its consistent R&D efforts since 2012. Through dedication to innovation, Hesunny has built a compelling patent portfolio of over 50 LED filament bulb patents, which distinguishes itself from the hyper-intensive competition. Hesunny introduced many innovations to the lighting industry, including the curved LED filaments and flexile LED filaments. The enriched LED filament designs offer new possibilities in improving optical performances and developing more creative products.

Hesunny's marketing strategy is structured around both the domestic and international market. The company's confidence not only roots in its innovative products that combine best-in-class product performance with striking lighting experience, but is also reflected in its market sharp pricing through vertically integrated manufacturing. Hesunny's products undergo a series of internal and third party testing and evaluation to ensure uncompromising quality and safety. These products are CCC, CQC, CE, UL, ERP, ROHS, SAA, and KC certified or listed to support their market entry into major economies in the world.
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